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We seek to improve the integration of migrants in European societies by breaking down negative public perception and developing & showing creative communication skills of non-EU citizens living in EU. We especially encourage face2face encounters in Czechia, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.

NEWS: Photo-exhibition “Migrants taking pictures of migrants” has moved to Hradec Kralove (10.6. – 25.6.2014)

2014-05 pozvánka na výstavu

Photo-exhibition “Migrants taking pictures of migrants” in Hradec Kralove

when: 10.6. – 25.6.2014

opening ceremony: 10.6.2014 at 17:00 together with screening of the movie “The Faces of Our European Cities – Stories of migration past and present”

where: Pizzeria Dolce Vita Hradec Králové, Čelakovského 505, 50002 Hradec Králové

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NEWS: Face2Place – 6 Shorts Films for 6 stories of integration (Italy)

Monday, 9th June  – 09.00 p.m.

During  the 8th edition of the Short Films Festival “There is a time for… integration”, hosted by Cinema Conca Verde (Via Guglielmo Mattioli 65 – Bergamo, free entry),  will be presented a selection of the shorts films produced by the project “Face2Face. Facilitating dialogue between migrants and European citizens “.


The event will be attended by Giangi Milesi – President of Cesvi – and Giancarlo Domenghini – promoter of the Festival – whom will interact with the authors and protagonists of the shorts films.


NEWS: The project Face2Face II has launched.

Migration Awareness Programme has started to work on a sequel of the successful project Face2Face.

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NEWS: Donostia,Changes the Focus (Spain)


On the 05/30/2014, over the Weekend Dedicated to Minorities organized by the City of  Donostia, EH11 Kolore, Casas Regionales and in collaboration with Donostia2016, we participated in the event by organizing a collective exhibition of the works of those who have participated in our photography work-shops related to the Face2Face project.

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PHOTOS: Photo-exhibition “Migrants taking pictures of migrants” at rail way station in Pilsner (Czechia)

NEWS: Faces of the cities in Europe (Spain)

Stories of past and present migration


How to tell the story of woman coming from Azerbayan, landing in Tolosa, starting to learn Basque and living her Muslim faith at the foot of Aralar?

Who would imagine that in Renteria, where there was a waste landfill, a neighborhood was born thanks to the arrival of people seeking a better future?

How is it, that a Mosque was formerly a Synagogue and before that a Methodist church and prior to that a protestant church of French Huguenots….? Well this place exists and has known as many changes as the many people it has received.

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NEWS: launch of the documentary “The Faces of Our European Cities – Stories of migration past and present” (28/5/2014 – Prague/CZ)

28.5.2014 premiera filmu F2F letak

The documentary movie The Faces of Our European Cities – Stories of migration past and present was filmed by participants of F2F viedoworkshops who are migrants living in the Czech Republic, Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy. Film brings eight stories of places that these migrants like. Hero in the Czech Republic are young Russian Artem living in Prague and Moldavne Annie, who would like to study at Palacky University in Olomouc.

The screening will be followed by a discussion with the authors and heroes.

Premiere: 28th May 2014 | 18:00 | People in Need Center – Langhans Gallery (Vodičkova 37, Prague)

The film is in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian and English with Czech subtitles (57 min)

The documentary was filmed within the F2F, which is funded by the European Integration Fund EU.

NEWS: Face2Face in Hernani (Spain)

Yesterday in occasion of the “Jornada Gastronómica” in Hernani, an event organized by Amher(multicultural association) that  promotes integration through the approach to the various ethnic cuisines found in our region; there was a further F2F “Changing the focus” collective exhibition.

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NEWS: Face2Face Photo Exibition (Spain)

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PHOTOS: Workshop “How to write about migration” (Czechia)