About us
We seek to improve the integration of migrants in European societies by breaking down negative public perception and developing & showing creative communication skills of non-EU citizens living in EU. We especially encourage face2face encounters in Czechia, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.


Partners of the Face 2 face project are People in Need (Czech Republic), Migrant Voice (UK), SOS Racismo – Mugak (Spain), and CESVI (Italy). Find more information about the organizations and relevant contacts below.

People in Need / Migration Awareness Programme (CZ)

We are coordinating the transnational F2F project and also realizing activities in the Czech Republic.


Main goal of the Migration Awareness Programme is to provide the public with more diverse and reliable information regarding migration in the Czech Republic and to connect them with migrants living in this country. Thus, we seek to improve relations between immigrants and the rest of Czech society.

We work with journalists to increase the scope and improve the quality of reporting on migration and foreigners in local media outlets. We thus seek to improve the public’s and public officials’ awareness of the issue and the problems that foreigners in the Czech Republic face in their everyday lives, and which often hamper their integration into Czech society.

We also work directly with migrants in order to support and encourage them to communicate with and participate in the media themselves, and hence communicate their perspective and stories to the public. The goal is to make the Czech public better acquainted with the migrants living alongside them, but also to empower the migrants to contribute to the creation of an image of migration in the media, which is otherwise often distorted by misinformation and the profit-oriented media environment.


Find more about us and our work on our websites:

People in Need

Variants (Educational programme of People in Need)

Migration Awareness Programme (Thematic section of Variants)


Face 2 face coordinators:

Tereza Kušniráková, tereza.kusnirakova @ clovekvtisni.cz, +420 775 443 608

Pavla Redlová, pavla.redlova @ clovekvtisni.cz, +420 777 467 910



Migrant Voice (UK)

Migrant-Voice-LogoMigrant Voice is a migrant led organisation set up to develop the skills, capacity and confidence of members of migrant communities, including asylum seekers and refugees, to develop their own strategies to strengthen their voice, participation and representation in the media and at a policy making level, in order for them to participate more fully in society.

We aim to transform migrants from passive, dis-empowered and marginalized ‘victims’ – largely without a voice in the popular discourse – into creatively expressive makers of their own media content and messages, be it to share, inform, debate, express a point of view, tell their stories, interact with ‘target audiences’, educate or campaign.

At Migrant Voice we build on migrant mobilisation through activities such as training. We actively encourage and support migrants from a wide range of backgrounds to contribute to debates about the implications of migration and the experience of migrants and both a local and national level. Through providing them with skills centred around media, arts and communication, they can build on their knowledge and confidence to take part in wider social debates.

We provide media engagement and information sharing to provide opportunities for journalists from across a wide range of print, television and online outlets to directly access the knowledge and experience of migrants.

We aim to increase the presence of migrants in the public and media debates and opportunities for meaningful contact between migrants and members of the host community.

Our media work includes the Migrant Voice Newspaper that is released annually. The UK Migrant Voices for Change Project has a network with hubs in London, Birmingham and Glasgow. The network, is an opportunity to engage in an ongoing discussion to develop migrant led short and long term media and communication strategies and work leading up to the next general election, to positively influence the debate on migration.

Migrant Voice provides a platform for members from the migrant communities, especially those whose voices are not usually heard, to encourage and enable them to express their views on the issues affecting their lives in the UK, and to address the British public with the aim of correcting the imbalance in the way migrants are represented across large parts of the media.


Migrant Voice
Lighthouse West London, 111-117 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QT
0044 207 221 6708

Face 2 face coordinators:

Nazek Ramadan, nazek @ migrantvoice.org
Dena Arya, dena @ migrantvoice.org



SOS Racismo / Mugak (Spain)

mugakSOS Racismo /SOS Arrazakeria Gipuzkoa was formally founded in 1993 with the aim to fight all forms of discrimination and segregation based on skin colour, ethnicity or cultural background. Whether this discrimination is on an indiviual, group or institutional level we demand tolerance, respect and understanding with equal rights for all. We see cultural diversity in a positive light and defend the freedom of expression of each individual or group in our society. We strongly support all types of cultural exchanges and practices which promote contact between local people, immigrants and minority groups.

With this is mind we have created the following programmes and activities:

- Support for immigrants in legal and administrative procedures.

- Protests and demonstrations.

- Proposals offered to institutions so that procedures which lead to the unfair treatment of immigrants are removed.

- Public awareness campaigns.

- Organization of conferences, seminars and meetings.

- Promotion of the work that associations do with emphasis on the importance of immigrants as active members.

- Projects with non-developed / developing countries.

- Activities linked to Social Services

- Awareness and educational activities

- Education for peace.

- Documentation and research.

- The editing of materials.

- Scientific research.

- Specific activities for young people.

- Promotion of voluntary work.

Find more details on the website www.mugak.eu

MUGAK, Documentation, studies and research Centre

Peña y Goñi 13, 1

20002, Donostia

Face 2 Face coordinator:
Anaitze Aguirre, komunikazioa @ mugak.org, +34 943 321 811



CESVI (Italy)

Cesvi, established in 1985, is a non-governmental, international organization which works for global solidarity.

Cesvi is dedicated to the reduction of suffering and poverty in the world’s poorest countries through the mobilization and active participation of the recipients of aid.

In the values that guide our action, the moral principle of human solidarity and the ideal of social justice are transformed into humanitarian aid and development projects, supporting the affirmation of universal Human Rights.

In Italy and in Europe, Cesvi carries out educational programmes aimed to develop global solidarity awareness, to increase the pool of donors and volunteers, and to spread our mission and values.

During the last years, Cesvi has been working to facilitate the dialogue between institutions, companies, local groups and migrants organizations, in order to improve migrants’ integration, to help them develop economic initiatives, to guarantee their participation in the social and cultural life of the hosting community.

Simultaneously, we work together with local organizations in order to provide assistance and hospitality to vulnerable migrants, to those that move to escape political persecution or war, to victims of exploitation, to people that fight for the recognition of their rights.

Moreover, we want to encourage the role of migrants as primary actors of development in their countries of origin and in the hosting country, through the implementation of co-development projects.

In these multiple perspectives Cesvi intends to continue with its commitment to promoting positive development paths in Italy and in the world.

Find more details on our websites



Face2Face coordinator:

Simona Ghezzi, simonaghezzi@cesvi.org