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We seek to improve the integration of migrants in European societies by breaking down negative public perception and developing & showing creative communication skills of non-EU citizens living in EU. We especially encourage face2face encounters in Czechia, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.


In this section, you can find information and news related to the F2F project and in general migration integration in Italy. Most of the articles are published in Italian, however, we seek to add at least an annotation in English. Bergamo-based NGO – CESVI (www.cesvi.org) – is responsible for realizing integration activities in Italy within the F2F project, and thus also for information provided here.

Video: I volti delle città europee: storie di migrazione tra ieri ed oggi (Italian)

NEWS: Face2Place – 6 Shorts Films for 6 stories of integration (Italy)

Monday, 9th June  – 09.00 p.m.

During  the 8th edition of the Short Films Festival “There is a time for… integration”, hosted by Cinema Conca Verde (Via Guglielmo Mattioli 65 – Bergamo, free entry),  will be presented a selection of the shorts films produced by the project “Face2Face. Facilitating dialogue between migrants and European citizens “.


The event will be attended by Giangi Milesi – President of Cesvi – and Giancarlo Domenghini – promoter of the Festival – whom will interact with the authors and protagonists of the shorts films.


VIDEO: Integration runs by bus in Milan (Italy)

In Italy, as in other  European countries, public transports are overcrowded by people of different communities.

But how this sort of “forced cohabitation” is felt by host community members and third countries nationals daily travelling by bus, train or underground? May  public transports be a place of possible interaction and integration?

Some of the “Face2Face” participants in Italy found out answers to this questions interviewing some passengers of the bus line 90-91 of Milan, one of the most populated by migrants and citizens in the 24 hours.


Click here to look at the video and listen to the opinions they have collected:

NEWS: The exhibition exposure “Face2Face – Interaction for Integration” (Italy)

From 14 to 19 January the exhibition exposure “Face2Face – Interaction for Integration” will be exhibited at the Benedictine Monastery of San Paolo D’Argon (BG).

The exhibition , is one of the initiatives designed by the Diocesi of Bergamo to celebrate the 100th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, established in 1914 to commemorate the Italian emigrants.

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NEWS:Media and Migrants: integration is possible? (Italy)


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VIDEO: Media and Integration – The point of view of the Italian Minister of Integration Cécile Kyenge (Italy)

Il Ministro Kyenge intervistato da Cesvi sul tema della migrazione.

VIDEO: Young Bolivians for the city of Bergamo (Italy)

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VIDEO: Elyasid Tlemcani talks about citizenship (Italy)

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NEWS: Exhibition “Face2Face. Interacting for Integrating” (Bergamo, Italy)


The invitation for the opening event of the photo exhibition “Face2Face. Interazione per l’Integrazione” (“Face2Face. Interacting for Integrating”) in Italy.

NEWS: “Face2Face” becomes an exhibition (Italy)


“Face2Face. Interacting for Integration” is the title chosen for the collective photo exhibition produced by Cesvi within the “Face2face” project.

The  exhibition includes 18 colour pictures taken by people of different nationalities, that between April and May 2013, took part in a photography course “One day in a life. Tell your story through photography”, led by Giovanni Diffidenti.

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