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We seek to improve the integration of migrants in European societies by breaking down negative public perception and developing & showing creative communication skills of non-EU citizens living in EU. We especially encourage face2face encounters in Czechia, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.

EU & migration

You can find here articles and comments regarding EU migration and integration policies and how they are transformed and impact on the national levels.

As the Face 2 Face project is co-financed by the European Integration Fund and as its aim is to contribute to the integration of migrants, it provides here a platform for any comments and ideas regarding the policies as well as realities.

NEWS: From 13/06 to 21/06 F2F will be a guest at the Twelfth Intercultural Encounters of Urgull (Spain)

topak2014_-723x1024From the 13/06/2014 to the 21/06/2014 F2F will be guest at TOPAK XII,in Urgull.

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NEWS: 14/06/2014 F2F-Changing the Focus collective exhibition in Renteria (Spain)

For three years now SOS Racismo organizes the event  ”Rices of the world” in Renteria, this year we seized the opportunity to organize also a collective exhibition of the works of those who partecipated in our photography workshop which was part of the F2F activities.

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PHOTOS: Public Debate International Migration and European Union (3.4.2014; Prague)

VIDEO: Public Debate International Migration and European Union (3.4.2014; Prague)

VIDEO: Face2Face Project Film-making (UK)

This video is a collection of videos directed, filmed and scripted by F2F participants from the Film-making workshop held in the summer of 2013 (06.07.13)

The clips discuss what migrants and non migrants like about London and how they feel about the city they live in.

The Face2Face project is co-financed by the European Commission through the European Integration Fund.

VIDEO: Integration runs by bus in Milan (Italy)

In Italy, as in other  European countries, public transports are overcrowded by people of different communities.

But how this sort of “forced cohabitation” is felt by host community members and third countries nationals daily travelling by bus, train or underground? May  public transports be a place of possible interaction and integration?

Some of the “Face2Face” participants in Italy found out answers to this questions interviewing some passengers of the bus line 90-91 of Milan, one of the most populated by migrants and citizens in the 24 hours.


Click here to look at the video and listen to the opinions they have collected:

NEWS: Public Debate International Migration and European Union (3.4.2014; Prague)

Potřebuje Evropa společnou migrační a integrační politiku? Fungují “rychlá řešení” navrhovaná euroskeptiky? Co znamenají migranti pro Evropu z ekonomického hlediska – ztrátu nebo přínos?


Does Europe need a common migration and integration policy? Are “quick fixes” proposed by eurosceptics working? What do migrants mean to Europe in economic terms – a loss or benefit?

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TRAINING: New media stars came up from the Prague workshop

Last Saturday, People in Need organized media workshop called “In front of the cameras”, or talking to teh reporters. Migrants coming originally from countries such as the Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Mexico, Angola or Mongolia  experienced what does it mean to stand in front of cameras and how to talk effectively to the reporter.

Have a look on photos from that event!




BLOG: First steps of a guestworker in Czechia

Bus terminalI was planning to come to the Czech Republic in 2006 when there were many possibilities and interests in employing foreign workers. I came with a „lot of“ information from very „trustful“ sources: one college told me she bought a nice earrings in Czechia and my granny said she had a really good shoes from Czechoslovakia. Some of my experience from the beginning surprised me a lot. Some were nice, other not so much, but with a span of time I find them quite funny.

With these words, Ina Avramioti starts her blog after passing the F2F online journalism training. She recounts her stories with language, working experience and escaping her „client“ (kind of a mafia-intermediary who binds migrants workers to him and makes profit of them) and food.

The text is avalable in Czech.


První kroky gastarbaiterky v Česku

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BLOG: Fear of “returning home”? Being a foreigner in your own country

mongolskoCultural shock can bring unpleasant moments and even few peptic ulcers. Fortunately, there are always people and organizations willing to help linguistically, socially and legally to those who come to such a foreign country. But nobody prepares you for coming „back home“. Everybody expech you are returning to a place you know, where you can communicate, where you have friends and family… Tsenguun Odtsetseg´s blog deals with this issue of returning and how one not only feels different, but also how one deals with it.

The text is available in Czech.

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