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We seek to improve the integration of migrants in European societies by breaking down negative public perception and developing & showing creative communication skills of non-EU citizens living in EU. We especially encourage face2face encounters in Czechia, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.


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BLOG: Brazilians on the move

2 - Brazilian community voting - Board of Immigrants  at the consulate










Aftermath of Migration – Brazilian Perspectives

On a typical cloudy London afternoon, I sat with a young Brazilian woman and began a casual chat regarding her reasons of moving to the UK. “I could not find a job in Brazil and I had always dreamed of living in another country,” Marina said with a smile. Marina came to the UK with poor English skills and this had limited her career to the occasional odd jobs unwanted by most of the youth today. And when we spoke about her pay, she simply said it was “‘uninspiring.” The transition from her home town of Recife was undoubtedly difficult from the start: Marina missed her family, spent countless days to find a job, but luckily, despite facing a daunting uphill battle, Marina has succeeded to change her life – she has built a family, learned the English language and secured a decent job since stepping off the aeroplane eight years ago. What prompts so many Brazilians to leave behind the sunny weather may depend on the individual, but most of them do fall in love with the British Isles and many call it their home. Read the rest of this entry »