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We seek to improve the integration of migrants in European societies by breaking down negative public perception and developing & showing creative communication skills of non-EU citizens living in EU. We especially encourage face2face encounters in Czechia, Spain, Italy and United Kingdom.

VIDEO: Face2Face in Arroces del Mundo 2014 (Spain)



Aizpea, one of the participants to our Face2Face workshops, filmed  the multicultural event and gastronomic festival “Arroces del Mundo 2014” that took place the 14 of June in Errenteria.

Take a look at “Arroces del Mundo 2014”, at how they cook in different Countries  a common ingredient in every kitchen in the World! A really delicious festival!!



Video: I volti delle città europee: storie di migrazione tra ieri ed oggi (Italian)

New publication: Migration and Media (UK)

Migration and the Media lecture guide by Migrant Voice June 2014.

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New publication: The Module Lecture Guide: manuál pro učitele žurnalistiky aneb jak psát o migraci… (česky)

Module Lecture Guide vznikl jako jeden z výstupů projektu Face 2 Face: facilitation dialogue between migrants and European citizens, který realizoval Program migrace společnosti Člověk v tísni od ledna 2013 do června 2014 ve spolupráci se třemi evropskými partnerskými organizacemi – Cesvi (Itálie), Migrant Voice (Spojené království) a SOS Racismo (Španělsko). Read the rest of this entry »

VIDEO: The faces of our European cities: stories of migration past and present (CZECH)

New publication: The Module Lecture Guide: manual for teachers of journalism on how to write about migration…

The Module Lecture Guide is a manual designed principally for teachers of journalism and media studies at universities, but students of journalism and professional journalists can also use it. The manual is composed of four independent chapters that discuss working with journalism students in individual partner countries (Czechia, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain), and thereby attempts to respect specific conditions and characteristic data in individual countries. Aside from framing member states within the global map of international migration, the manual also contains an overview of basic migration vocabulary, including meanings, and a discussion of the migratory discourse in local media. The MLG is concerned with the personality of the journalist and her/his influence on the image of foreigners and international migration in the media. The MLG also attends to the question of approaching marginal topics, or how a topic can be chosen and conveyed in an ethical way. Furthermore, it deals with challenges that appear to lie in the actual work of the journalist with a migrant, and their method of contacting and communicating with her/him.

language: EN

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Video from the F2F conference (UK)

NEWS: From 13/06 to 21/06 F2F will be a guest at the Twelfth Intercultural Encounters of Urgull (Spain)

topak2014_-723x1024From the 13/06/2014 to the 21/06/2014 F2F will be guest at TOPAK XII,in Urgull.

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NEWS: 14/06/2014 F2F-Changing the Focus collective exhibition in Renteria (Spain)

For three years now SOS Racismo organizes the event  ”Rices of the world” in Renteria, this year we seized the opportunity to organize also a collective exhibition of the works of those who partecipated in our photography workshop which was part of the F2F activities.

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NEWS: Premiere of the documentary “Rostros de las ciudades en Europa. Historias de migración pasadas y presentes” (Spain)


The collaboration between the various organizations involved along with SOS RACISMO in the F2F project, led to the production of a documentary :  “The Faces of Our European Cities – Stories of migration past and present”.

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