Migration Awareness Programme

Bringing the issue of domestic workers (migrants) to the public

During three weeks of September and October, an intermediary agency called Cizinky na úklid (Foreigners for cleaning) was marketazing its services: they were offering services of migrant women for the households – discretely, for a really cheap price and without unnecessary bureaucracy. It was supposed to start its activities on the 15th of October. Fortunately it did not happen because the agency is not real.

It was “established” by non-profit organizations Association for Integration and Migration and People in Need, commentator Kateřina Kristelová and creative agency Ogilvy&Mather and Mather Advertures as part of a campaign promoting the rights of migrants-domestic workers and aiming to reach wider public. We would like to apologize to those who received untruthful or zero information in a few past weeks. Also we would like to explain our motivation.

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Everything you should know about your house cleaner (but are afraid to ask)

“Originally, I am a nursery school teacher. I am not a cleaner. I do have a proper education. However, when I first came to the Czech Republic I was trying to get any job. I worked in a restaurant kitchen. After some time, I started to do house cleaning for families. In order to be more independent, I have arranged for a business licence. However, it was not as easy as I would have thought…” says 31- year-old Nina from Ukraine. Nina left her little daughter in the Ukraine, where she is currently in the care of her relatives. Indeed, there are many more similar stories in our households. Read more about them on

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Czech Republic Debate: Employment of Foreign Child-minders in Czech Republic

On 18 October 2012 Člověk v tísni organized screening of documentary Mama Illegal followed by debate with Filipino child-minder and Czech anthropologist. On 14 November 2012 the organization published a report from the debate. The main speakers Kristine Go and Petra Ezzeddine presented the experiences of child-minders from the Philippines and post-soviet states, which form the main groups of female child-minders working in the Czech Republic. The debate covered the topics of shared migrant experiences: separation from family members, strains of long-distance communication and uncertainty of residence status. It also concentrated on the problematic relationships of the employers and migrant workers, lack of social security and the costs of transnational motherhood. The visitors also discussed the general background of the trend of hiring foreign child-minders and its negative outcomes in the states of origin: ineffective state support, various forms of social criticism, alcoholism of men and unprovided children.

PIN conference: Make Data Work for You

The Migration Awareness Programme of People in Need will be holding an international conference in Prague on October 6-7, entitled Make Data Work for You: Innovative approaches to presenting information that will focus on using data to tell compelling stories about migration and introduce participants to some tools and approaches of data-driven journalism. The conference is geared primarily towards NGOs and institutes that work on issues of migration and involve at least some measure of media work.

We feel there is a pressing need right now in our sector to learn about the tools that journalists and other experts working with data and creating interactive online projects are using. These tools and approaches can make our stories and causes more attractive and comprehensible to the public.

The presenter and trainer at the conference will be Christian Kreutz, director of Crisscrossed GmbH and a co-founder of the German Open Knowledge Foundation. Mr. Kreutz will introduce the topics and then will lead a practical hands-on simulation of creating a data-based project. Participants will have a chance to discuss their plans for specific data-related projects with the others and to get an expert opinion from Mr. Kreutz.

You can dowlnoad the preliminary schedule here.

If you are interested in attending this conference please contact us as soon as possible at

Migration Awareness Programme publishes a guide to new media for migrants

People in Need’s Migration Awareness Programme has put out a new guide (not only) for migrant organisations about communication using new media and technology entitled “Don’t wait for the media to notice you!”. This guide presents the basic tools for communication with the public currently available on the internet. It includes:

  • examples of successful campaigns on social networks
  • how to start and write a blog
  • how to download and display videos and audio files on the internet
  • adding multimedia content to your web and linking it up with other pages

The manual focus to a large extent on the Czech context, but also offers important links and advice relevant for the European context.

You can read or download the guide here: