NGO partnerships

The Migration Awareness Programme is currently involved in two major partnership projects – one within the Czech Republic, and the other on the EU level.

Consortium of Migrant Assisting Organisations in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, we are a member of the Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organisations (Konsorcium nevládních organizací pracujících s migranty v ČR). The other member organisations are:

The main goal of the Consortium is to be a collective body that would be active in lobbying and common projects that would create better opportunities and conditions for migrants living in the Czech Republic. Currently the Consortium is working on two projects funded by the Open Society Fund and the Batory Foundation.

European Network of organisations working with migrants and the media

In October 2010 the Migration Awareness Programme initiated the founding of an informal network of non-profit organisations from different European countries that focus on migrants and the media. The network was initiated as part of a conference that MAP organised in Prague entitled “Making the most of on-line communication tools”. The otehr members of this network are:

The goal of this network is to share expreinces from our work and information on migration from the different countries where we work. Since the conference in October we have held Skype calls where we spoke about the recent events connected with migration in our countries and the projects we have been working on. If you are interested in joining this network, please email us directly at